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Value of Domain Name

What is the Value of a Domain Name?

What’s a domain name worth? The reply that I have to this question mostly goes towards the mainstream conversation of evaluating a domain. In fact, I do not even suppose that the answer needs to be long and drawn out. It is easy. Name it a cop out answer. However,

How to Change the Message Shown Before the Comments

How to modify the Notes Shown Before the WordPress Comment Form?

By default when you launch a new website, your site’s WordPress comment form show this note before comment form. You can modify this message or add additional notes by following these steps. How to change comment notes content before form? Before: This is default WordPress comment form note. Just put

Crocoblock - WordPress Theme Builder

Crocoblock – Build WordPress sites with no-code

Recently we came across Crocoblock. It’s one of the best no-code WordPress builder out there in market as of today. There are so many ways now a days you could create your simple Website. Here are few of WordPress frameworks. Genesis, Divi and so on. Crocoblock is somewhat different in