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Apple launches new iPhone 5 Ads

Apple rolled out its first TV ads for the recently-launched iPhone 5 late Friday. The four slick 30-second skits all feature a voiceover by actor Jeff Daniels. Meanwhile, an amusing video making fun of the new design is clocking up masses of hits on YouTube. Thumb is one of my

4th Generation iPod Touch LCD with FaceTime Camera

Awesome. Wonderful news for iPod Touch users. An iPhone parts supplier sent us these photos of what are claimed to be the front LCD and bezel of the upcoming 4th generation iPod Touch. The new part clearly shows a front-sided hole that would leave room for a front-facing FaceTime camera.

iOS 4 sluggish performance?? Try this simple fix

According to user reports, when installed on the iPhone 3G, iOS 4 runs sluggish as compared to running on the 3GS and iPhone 4. Of course, the over clocked processor speeds have been taken into account but the reported performance decrease is nothing to be overlooked. In fact, Apple came