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How to add WordPress Comment Form validation using jQuery?

How to add WordPress Comment Form validation using jQuery?

Comments are an essential feature of any blog or website that allows user engagement and interaction. They provide an opportunity for readers to express their opinions, ask questions, and share their experiences. However, comments can also be misused by spammers, bots, or users who post inappropriate or irrelevant content. WordPress,

How To Align The Checkbox And Label In Same Line - WordPress Tips

How to align the Checkbox and Label in same line? CSS Fix

Recently we moved away from Disqus comment system and started using default WordPress comment system. For adding email subscription form for all new comments, I was facing some issue. Checkbox and Text was appearing on different line. Before: After: Here is a quick fix on how to fix this. Step-1.

How to Disable WordPress Comments on Attachments

In WordPress How to Disable comments on Media, Attachments

Sometime back we have published an article on how to completely disable Trackbacks and Pingbacks. In this tutorial we will go over how to disable comments on Media and Attachments. Let’s get started: Step-1 Disable comments on Attachments or Media using WordPress hook. Open your theme’s functions.php file and add