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Foursquare Checkins used to be a WordPress Plugin, but it isn’t anymore. Plugin Deprecated.

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1st WordPress plugin to show your FourSquare checking on your WordPress Blog. View your last checkins as a list OR on Google Map on Pages/ Posts. Customize as per your need. This plugin shows your last Check-ins on your WordPress blog/posts and also in sidebar. Foursquare Checkins WordPress Plugin is primarily for letting your friends know where you are and figuring out where they are.


  • Easy way to share/show your FourSquare’s last check-ins
  • Intuitive interface for editing options, with plenty more power under the hood
  • Show check-ins on BLOG’s post and page. Use <!–wp_foursquare_checkins–>
  • Show your social checkins and get more friends
  • Java Script enabled Google Map (It will load on iPhone too :) )
  • Widget Option Added. (List view and Map view in Widget Area)
  • Option to specify Height, Widget, Title, Number of checkins in Admin Panel. Settings -> 4sq Checkins
  • Option to disable Map View

Live Example:


FourSquare Checkings by Crunchify 2 FourSquare Checkings by Crunchify 3 FourSquare Checkings by Crunchify 4 FourSquare Checkings by Crunchify 5 FourSquare Checkings by Crunchify


1) How can I get FourSquare Check-ins map to my blog’s Page or Post?
Please add <!–wp_foursquare_checkins–>  to any page/post under HTML section.

2) Where is my admin panel option?
Please go to Settings -> 4sq checkins  to customize your options

3) How can I add FourSquare Check-ins to Widget Area?
Go to Appearance -> Widgets -> 4sq checkins  and drag it to Sidebar.

4) Don’t see your Check-ins into Map?
As this is JavaScript based map you can click on – or + icon on map to do Zoom-in / Zoom-out.

29 thoughts on “Foursquare Checkins – WordPress Plugins”

  1. Love your plug in, is there an easy way to remove the list of check ins form the sidebar? all I want is the MAP not the list of check ins. Thanks, love it.

      • Honestly, that would be great. Your plugin was really easy to use and my customer is asking every time for a new solution to locate him on his website (as he can’t do it anymore…). I would be ready to donate a few for this plugin if it works again 🙂 Thank you !

  2. I use wordpress version 3.8.1 and have attempted to use the 4sq checkin plugin and cannot get it to work. blakespetsupplies. com/social-media/foursquare any suggestions?

  3. Hey App Shah, first love the plugin!

    Apologies in advance if sound like a newb but I can’t code my way out of a wet paper bag – so here are my challenges –

    The link to the latest checkin seems to be broken unless the person and I are connected on 4sq. For example is the link via the plugin but is the link tweeted. The later can be viewed by anyone (even not logged in to 4sq). Hopefully you can see what I mean on my blog (I swear this is not bait for traffic – new blog shouldn’t even be live yet but working through a couple bugs).

    Is there a way to have the link open in a new window? Staying in the same as the blog is not that great.

    Lastly, (and I think it was mentioned already) is there away to centre on the last checkin? for the last couple weeks during testing it had me somewhere over the pacific – though in hindsight that could have been because my updates were scattered among North America, Australia, and South Africa.

    Thanks and again sorry if the answers are obvious.


    • Rats, one thing to add – is there anyway to have the listed results show more than the name of the place? If I check in at say Starbucks only ‘Starbucks’ appears. I could be at home in Toronto or in Dubai for all anyone can tell. Thanks in advance.

        • Hey thanks App Shah – quick follow up and feedback I’m getting since going live. When people click to the site inside the Facebook app in iOS it is launching google maps in safari. I’ve turned off the map and it doesn’t do this. Any thoughts? I obviously can’t have that happen as (non tech – even less than I) think the site is crashing their Fb app.

  4. This plugin is on of the best I’ve found on the web but I agree with Frank about the focus on the latest check in. Will it be available soon ? :/

    • Thanks guys for nice words. I really need to focus more on this plugin now. Sorry but I couldn’t focus more recently on this. It’s been very busy these days..

      But stay tuned.. Within couple of weeks, will try to add your requests.

  5. I have problem, the plugin show me this errorWarning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/50/11259850/html/wp-content/plugins/foursquare-checkins/foursquare-checkins.php on line 72 message:

  6. Hi!

    Good job!
    +1 to all suggestions made by Frank (esp. the first two) PLUS:

    “Number of feed entries” should apply to map view as well.

    Looking forward to new releases!

  7. Nice plugin, probably the only real functional plugin for Foursquare right now. Just have a few suggestions:

    The map should automatically focus on the latest check-in, as it stands now it doesn’t seem to focus on any one check-in in particular.

    There should be an option to disable list view altogether in favor of map view for a cleaner look.

    The list view could include any comments made with the check-in along with the check-in date so it’s more informative. 🙂

    Other than that, good start!


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