Facebook Members WordPress Plugin


THE Simplest way to bring Facebook LikeBox + Facebook Recommendation Bar functionality to WordPress plus lot more Options.

Facebook Members (WordPress Plugin)

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Facebook Members is a WordPres Social Plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. It uses Facebook Like Box.

See how many users already like this page, and which of their friends like it too. Read recent posts from the page Like the page with one click, without needing to visit the page. Get more visitors and more traffic to your site by getting more Facebook Fans.


  • Facebook Recommendation Bar 
  • Option to Show/Hide Faces Option
  • Option to change Background Color
  • Option to change Border Color


  • Uses Official Facebook APIs.
  • Facebook Like Box Plugin Integration.
  • Show Like Box on any Page or Post.
  • Show Like Box in Sidebar/Widget Area.
  • Option to specify Width, Height, Number of Connections, Stream, Heading for both Sidebar and Post/Page widget.

Tags: facebook, FB members, facebook plugin, like box, likebox, facebook like box, facebook integration


  1. Unpack the download-package.
  2. Upload the file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Configure the options under Admin Panel Settings -> Facebook Members.
  5. Done and Ready.
  6. Please see FAQ for usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

= How can I get Facebook Member Widget to my blog’s Page or Post? =
* Please add <!--facebook-members-->  to any page/post under HTML section.

= How can I get Facebook Members to blog’s sidebar? =
* Go to Appearance -> Widgets -> Facebook Members and add it into Sidebar.

= What should I put in page name section? =
* You need to provide whatever is after facebook.com/…….. (URL).

= How do I disable Recommendation Bar Plugin
* Simply keep AppId field blank.

* NOTE: I created this plugin as of my personal interest only.

Live Demo: (Custom Color Example)

ScreenShots: (click to expand)

Changelog 5.0.4

  • Fixed some broken links
  • Screenshots update

Changelog 5.0.3

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ReadMe Typo
  • DomainName Change
  • Author’s Twitter link fixed

Changelog 5.0.2

  • Performance Improvement: Loading default WordPress JQuery instead of laoding from Plugin directory.
  • JQuery.js and JQuery-ui.js files removed from plugin folder (Unnecessary files).
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Quick Tips will now show on top instead of right side.

Change log v5.0.1

  • Quick bug fix. Removed external loading of JQuery. Instread using WordPress’s Own.

Change log v5.0

  • Major code upgrade.
  • Admin Panel Options now in Tabular Form.
  • Tab1: Recommendataion Bar Setting.
  • Tab2: Widget/Sidebar Likebox Options.
  • Tab3: Page/Post Likebox Options.
  • Fixed: Leave Facebook AppID field blank to disable Recommendation bar on your blog.
  • Admin Panel ToopTip added.
  • Fixed color code link.
  • Background Color and Border Color conflict fixed.
  • Better Performance.
  • Many more Bug fixes.
  • Make sure your settings are upto date after plugin update.

Change log v4.7

  • Minor bug fix
  • Plugin Homepage link updated

Change log v4.6.1

  • AppId condition check added. If you are using other Recommendation Bar plugin and want to disable it, simply keep AppId field blank.

Change log v4.6

  • New Feature: Facebook Recommendation Bar Plugin. More Info.

Change log v4.5.3:

  • Admin page update.
  • Minor bug fix.
  • Recommendation bar will be added as an option in next version.

Change log v4.5.2:

  • Minor update.
  • Tested upto WordPress 3.4.2.
  • Admin Console alignment bug fixed on “Update Options” click.
  • Added Twitter and Facebook follow button to Admin console.
  • Readme file updated.
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  • Bo Sørensen

    Hi. Suddenly my like box is blank. 24 hour ago it worked fine. What’s wrong?

  • Era Tumaob


    Is there anyway we can remove or move in the body the

    in head because it’s causing HTML Markup error. Thank you!

    Great plugin by the way!

  • http://www.desisn.de/ Nils

    Hi App Shah, nice plugin. Due to the newest Facebook update the sizing does not stay fixed anymore. Can you offer an update please that will automatically resize? E.g. the height differs when logged into Facebook and not logged in. It would be best if you can only set width and height would automatically resize…


    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Thanks Nils. Will make changes soon.

  • Karoly Toth

    Please help . Not show anything on the widget ! :( What ‘s the problem?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Karoly – checking on this.

  • Chris Morris

    Hi does this plugin work for facebook groups as well as pages?
    I’m just getting a bare white square with no members showing up.
    I’ve tried using groups/178590175650767/ and also just 178590175650767/ but doesn’t seem to work.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Chris – This plugin just works with Facebook pages.

  • Piotr

    Hi. It is great plugin but how can I make It responsive? I paste it in my main site. I set it width on 1080px and there is problem when I jump on the site in mobile version. Plugin isn’t responsive. How can I fix that?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Piotr – currently plugin is not responsive. We will get this as a feedback and update into next release. Thank you.

  • Bjorn

    NIce plugin, works great!
    But i can’t use it on multiple (custom created) sidebars. When I drag and drop it to a sidebar, it’s no longer visible in the available widgets list? Is this normal behaviour?

    Thanks Bjorn

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Bjorn – that’s right. Currently we don’t support multiple sidebar functionality.

  • Jeff

    Just a quick question: does anybody know how to target the CSS to change the “X,XXXX people like” from black to white? I can’t seem to override these styles :(

  • Standa Mašek

    How can I change color of “You like this” and “You and … others like ….”? Thanks

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Standa – I believe we don’t have an option to change that color. Comes from Facebook official APIs.

  • Justin King

    On mobile pages, it still shows the wordpress likebox instead of what the user enters.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Justin – Do you still have this issue? Might be caching issue if you are using any cache plugin?

  • michael

    I figured it out. Thanks

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Awesome. Nice to hear that.

  • Michael

    Excellent Plugin! The best that I have come across with regards to Facebook.

    Is there a way to specify different lengths for the widget to fit different pages?

    Thanks in advance!

  • KristianJames

    Hi how could I put this in a template?

  • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

    Hi Abdulkarim – Shortcode wont work in Widget area. It will work on Post/Page.

  • phaylen

    http://mysticasl.com/ I am not entirely computer illiterate but while i can change the size, the color, the title of the box, ect… it will not display anything. It sits there blank, receiving no data from Facebook whatsoever. I have a page with 490 likes and it shows nothing. I’ve followed the instructions, resized it to fit my sidebar, only have the page url past facebook.com/ and it will not work. Any suggestions?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Phaylen – I just tried and worked for me. Could you please make sure you add this as your page name: pages/Chronicles-Of-Mystica/888956817833719

      • phaylen

        Hi App Shah! I think it may be actually the Theme I purchased, which appears to be very, very poorly coded and not really cooperative with any plugins or 3rd party widgets.

  • Mark

    Hello, it seems that i can only add the fb members widget to 1 sidebar. IWhen i add the widget to a sidebar, it disappears from the available widgets. So its impossible to add it to a second sidebar. What do i need to do to fix this? I need the fb member widget in different sidebars that all have different other widgets. Thanks for your help, Mark

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Mark – sorry to hear that but yes, currently it’s by design only. Requested feature is in pipeline.

  • Claude

    Hi App Shah.
    Like Carin mentioned 3 months ago, the Like Box does only work on Firefox (and IE) but not on Chrome (Version 39.0.2171.71 m (64-bit)). Any idea how to solve this?

    Thx Claude

    PS: As my site is still under construction I cannot give you my URL, but check neodistributing com for example.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Claude.. Thanks for posting an issue. I’m on this version right now and I never faced this issue. Can you share your Facebook page URL? I’ll try at my end as want to reproduce locally.

      • Claude

        Hi App Shah. Try neodistributing for example, the box remains white / empty as it does not load the fb content but only shows the about:blank page…..

        • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

          Hi Claude – It seems it’s working fine now. I checked and I do see it working. Between – you have very nice blog.

  • Georgi Bogdanov

    Hi can anyone tell me how to use the plugin for different sidebars. For example I have the widget on my default page sidebar, but I also want to use it on my blog sidebar as well?

  • adeem jan

    This is very helpful for bloggers to set up a Facebook Like box in their side bars. Chances are your readers are your biggest fans so you should make it easy for them to Like your Facebook page. But adding the box isn’t automatic so this article will be very instructional for people to add this to their websites.

  • Chibuzor Obi Ugokwe


    Did you guys ever add any functionality that allows for the plugin to display on post sidebars as well as the main page sidebar? Is there a way to do this?

    Thanks. Great plugin.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Chibuzor – sorry but no tentative date so far.

  • richard

    hi, i tried but it doesnt show up anything on tghe widget, facebook members? like the others widget?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Richard – what problem are you facing? Just to double confirm – this plugin words for Facebook Page but not with Groups.

  • Pablo Alvestegui

    I don’t know if the comment I just published got lost or something, but, here I go again…
    Is there a way to show more than 100 profile pictures in the likebox?
    I’m trying to create a colage of ALL the people who liked my page as a “1000 likes celebration poster”
    and I need to render 1000 profile pics somehow.

    ¿is there a way to shrink the thumbnail pics?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Pablo – hmm. never tried that but there should not be any limitation on this. As far as width and height doesn’t override faces.

  • http://www.kindercube.com Jason

    Hello, very nice plugin btw! Just a quick question:

    I’d like to disable the recommendation bar (as attached), so I followed your instruction to leave the AppID blank. But what if I want to still use the Facebook Widget on other pages? How does the plugin know which facebook fanpage I want it to connect to?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Jason – You mean Facebook Page Like widget. If yes, there is an option to provide FB fanpage Name in admin console. Settings -> Facebook Members.

      • http://www.kindercube.com Jason

        Hi App Shah – Thanks for the response. I’m referring to the like popup in the attachment and how do I remove it but still enabling the facebook page like widget in the PAGE / POST. I just want the widget to appear on a specfic page, but not as a popup on every page. I hope this clears up the question. Thank you!

  • Joy

    Can anyone give me the php code to add this widget directly to my homepage? Thank you!!

  • louwh

    Very nice plugin. I just can’t get it to work with groups. I only want to the members of my group. I type in groups/********************** and…. nothing shows up. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
    Or is this plugin simply not for groups? Because when I type in CocaCola a lot of friends of that company are showing.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      That’s right Louwh.. This plugin works with Facebook Pages.

  • Richard

    Hi. Great plugin! Wonder howv i hide it on pages? Thanks frank

  • elis

    Hello. Nice plugin. I use it on a dark page and the widget text is also dark. Transparency is ON.
    How can I make it white?

  • Maxime Marquette

    hi my blod is 9vies .ca i want to ask if you can add in the future version of your script some language like french or else since my page is in french and my facebook button say “j’aime” but only in your plugin its says like or can you help me to fix that :)

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Maxime – as plugin is not translated to any other language you may be seeing that. I’ve encourage developer to add translation to this plugin. Code is in Github: https://github.com/Crunchify/Facebook-Members

  • Tom

    Hi, I cannot find Facebook Members in my widgets… even though I have the plugin onmy homepage sidebar… I am trying to also install it on my pages sidebar… any ideas?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Tom –
      You could have it only 1 FB members plugin in Sidebar. There is only 1 instance of plugin available. There are few ways to make it work with multiple sidebar but currently don’t have time to push that code :(.

  • http://www.chansearrington.com/ Chanse Arrington

    Hey there, this was working perfectly for a couple hours, but now the widget has stopped showing the “faces”. If I set it to show stream it still works.

    It might have stopped working after I installed another plugin (Facebook Conversion Pixel) but I’m not sure.

    My site is http://www.votecomeaux.com

    Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      I believe it was temporary glitch. We don’t control facebook feed. It comes from official Facebook APIs. Just checked your site and I do see it working perfectly.

      Thanks for using plugin.

  • mcnater

    Anyway to make this responsive on mobile? It stretches out too far when viewing my blog.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Unfortunately not at this time.

  • http://www.iwebresults.com Carin

    I opened ie on a computer I have never visited the site with and still cannot see the plugin except for the header, (see the screenshot) I also cleared cache on chrome and still could not see it, http://screencast.com/t/E8PQU6UyTaBk

    • handsun

      Hello any chance I can get support, do you have a paid option?

      • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

        Hi There –
        I’m more than happy to help you on your issue. Can you shoot out an email?

  • http://www.iwebresults.com Carin

    The plugin works great on firefox but cannot see facebook stuff on ie or chrome, I have disabled every plugin except genesis extender, what can I do? Thank you so much for your help, http://dev.crystalrockfinance.com/

    • http://crunchify.com/ Crunchify

      Hi Carin –

      I’m using Google Chrome 37 and it’s working perfectly fine for me :). Have you tried clearing your browser cache? Let me know.

  • Nandu Vinayi

    Jesse B • 7 months ago
    Bit of an odd one. After installing this plugin, I now have a little white box with red outline in the bottom right of my homepage that says “action must be”. I think it might say more, but the rest of it is cut off

    • http://crunchify.com/ Crunchify

      Hi Nandu – Could you please share your blog URL and FB page link? Would like to debug it.

  • vinay

    very nice facebook

  • Godinez

    Hi, I have installed the widget and everything seems fine on my end, but the widget doesn’t show on my website (soytotalmentegodinez) only the title. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Godinez – Could you please share your FB page URL?

  • Nimesh Ramaswamy

    Hey thanks for the great plugin,

    How can I add Facebook members plugin in the main sidebar and the page sidebar? (as the current theme has an option for different sidebars for different kind of pages) When selected in the main sidebar, ‘Facebook Members’ disappears from the Available widgets.

    Even tried pasting ” ” as a html, still nothing show up on the sidebar.

    Could you please help me out with it?


    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Nimesh –
      Plugin works with only one sidebar as of now. Will try to add multiple widget option probably later.

  • Stefan

    Hello, I have a problem with the plugin. I installed, configured and activated it as you advised but i can’t see any change. Someone to help ? The website is : neodistributing

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Stefan –
      Have you placed Widget in sidebar? Let me know which sidebar it is. I don’t see it on your blog.

      • Stefan

        Hi, thank you for your reply

        I tried to place it in the default and hidden sidebar but don’t seems to work. :/

        • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

          Hi Stefan. Can you try putting into Default Sidebar and see if you see it? What is Hidden Panel Sidebar. Never heard of it before.

      • stefan

        It seems to work then thank you !

  • http://www.vbcgerlafingen.ch Thomas Nyffenegger

    I’ve got a Problem with Facebook – Members. On the Desktop it works fine but on a mobile device it don’t work ! Why ??
    Can everybody help me ??
    Thanks . thomas

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Thomas –
      Never faced this issue before. Not sure what could be the problem but might be related to Theme. Could you please try switching to WordPress default theme and check? Let me know if that doesn’t work.

      • http://www.vbcgerlafingen.ch Thomas Nyffenegger

        i change the themes.. and doesn’t work.. it is a problem for the facebook – Address or for my facebook site.. ?

        • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

          Hi Thomas. Can you share page URL? I couldn’t found FB page link on your site.

  • Matt Smith

    Hi. Looks like a great app. Installed fine but I can only get it to display an empty white box in my sidebar with the developers link underneath. I’ve tried re-installing and noticed a few people reporting the same issue. Any idea how to fix please anyone??

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Matt –
      Not sure what could be the problem but might be related to Theme. Could you please try switching to WordPress default theme and check? Let me know if that doesn’t work.

      • Matt Smith

        Hi App Shah
        Apologies, I updated the support page but forgot to update the forum. I am a total NOOB; after days of staring I realised I’d used the Facebook profile URL instead of the page URL. It now works like a charm!!

  • Scott

    I installed this pluggin and now I am getting this error, has anyone seen this?

    Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! Usage of user levels by plugins and themes is deprecated. Use roles and capabilities instead.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Scott –
      Please try to upgrade to latest version. It should be resolved by now.

  • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

    Hi There. Please share your option panel’s screenshot. Would like to take a quick look.

  • http://fmobserver.com/ CODYMART

    How do I disable the popup in the bottom right hand corner? I only want the widget.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Simply keep AppId field blank :)

  • Owen C

    is there a way to round the corners of the Facebook Members box?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Yes. You could modify it using custom CSS.

  • Frank

    I have following issue: 8 person have liked, only 4 will be displayed with photo!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Frank. This depends on user’s privacy setting. Some may not want other to share their likes 😉

  • Ecclesia

    Loving your plugin, but I’m having an odd issue with a white line that pops up on the right hand side. This is with a dark background and it only shows up when displaying faces (when it serves as a like box only, the line disappears). Any way to solve this? Also, any way to make this responsive? Thanks so much!

    • Jherson

      One line responsive fix
      Add a Custom CSS
      #likeboxwrap { width: 100% !important; }

      • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

        Awesome. Thanks Jherson for sharing tips.

      • mcnater

        Thanks so much! This worked great. Can you explain what it’s doing exactly? What is the “#likeboxwrap” representing?

  • Suzanna

    This is working with all browsers but Safari. Disabling and resetting the plug in is not helping the issue. Any help?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Suzanna. Could you please share some more info? I can’t reproduce at my end.

  • mnboy

    Hello, Love the plugin so far!
    Can you let me know how to change the
    font size for the text line referring to how many people “like” the
    page when shown in the widget sidebar? I need to increase the size of
    the font for the text “XX,XXX people like [pagename]”.

  • Paula Zimmerman

    Ok, I just took out the recommendation bar and the extra box disappeared, so there’s only one thing left. Can I copy the widget to my other pages so it shows on all of them, instead of just the homepage?

  • Phoenix

    Hmmmm, spent a couple of hours setting this widget up last night, was working and looked great.
    Today it’s not’s working.
    3rdiphoto. com.au

  • Fatboy Electric

    I have selected 10 connection and specified a widget height on 255px. The problem I’m having is that when I am signed into Facebook, 11 faces show on the widget instead of 10. I’m afraid that others may be experiencing this same issue. Is there a fix for this? http://www.fatboyelectric.com

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Not yet. I don’t think there is a fix for that. Even without plugin – direct script also gives me same result :(

      • olo

        just put in to your style something like this:
        border-bottom:1px solid #000000;
        change width and height to your preferences.

  • Jesse B

    Bit of an odd one. After installing this plugin, I now have a little white box with red outline in the bottom right of my homepage that says “action must be”. I think it might say more, but the rest of it is cut off underneath. I’ve disabled the plugin and the box disappears. Enabled, the box reappears. Anyone have a similar issue?

    • Marc

      yup, exact same happened to me…

      • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

        Thanks Guys for your help.

        • http://sffood.net/ Grace Keh

          I still get this box. Is there a fix for this? I’d like to use the feature, if possible. Here’s the code. Any guidance in how to fix it so it works would be great.

          • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

            Hi Grace Keh.
            I couldn’t reproduce this at my end. Could you please share your option setting screenshot? Would like to debug.

    • Marc

      Apparently if you’re using the WordPress Plugin, just don’t fill out anything under the Recommendation Bar Setting and it magically disappears :)
      Hope that helps you!

      • Jesse B

        Excellent. Thanks for your help.

  • Dan Sullivan

    I just upgraded to 3.8 and now have no faces and the page looks like it never loads, i tried disabling other plugins to find a conflict and got to to the bare bones (this is a genesis theme and uses some genesis plugins that I cannot disable) and still the same, no faces and a twirling wheel in the browser bar, any advice, we love your plugin!!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Dan. Please let me know if you have still have this issue.

  • Sharmila Mukherjee

    I am using wordpress 3.8. In the Widget Likebos options, I have put Show Faces Yes, but there is none in the widget section of my website

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Ideally it should work out of the box. Do you still have this issue?

  • Trevor Hickman

    Thank you for the clear instructions on adding the facebook app! I never knew what choices to make on the “Select how your app integrates with Facebook” section and the sandbox mode, and now I realized I don’t have to do anything, just make a name and save, very helpful! I do have a question, there is a link to facebook under the widget, http://trevorhickmaninsurance.com/blog/ Can I remove this link?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      No. We can’t remove that link.

  • Redwood

    Love the plug-in!
    I was trying to find a way for a second sidebar widget and it was the first thing that was difficult to do with it…

    I see in the comments that it isn’t supported which explains the difficulty…

    Are there any plans to support multiple sidebar widgets in the future?

  • Nigel

    The plugin works great except for the recommendations box doesn’t transfer the likes back to fb. Any ideas how to get this working?

    • Nigel


      Can anyone help me out on this issue? I would really love the likes on my suggestion box to carry back to the main Facebook page. Any help would be really appreciated!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Sorry for late reply. Do you still have this issue?

  • Marci Peebles

    Installed, but the like box does NOT show up in post on homepage … what DOES show up in the post on the home page is “- Facebook Members WordPress Plugin ” … the box only shows up if you follow the “read More” link … what am I doing wrong??

  • Jon

    All of my Facebook “likes” seem to be showing up twice on my sidebar widget? Their faces are repeated twice. Any idea why?….

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Jon, we don’t have any control on feed. It usually comes from facebook APIs.

  • Morten Telling

    Sorry – issue solved – I had by accident filled out some of the fields ind the “Recommendation bar settings” – and I only use the Widget. So one have to remember NOT to fill out any fields that is not in use – oterhwise it might give error messages? thx for a very nice plugin…

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Awesome. Glad it worked.

  • Morten Telling

    After updating WP to latest version I keep getting this error in Chrome (a littel red box in lower right corner: The parameter app_id is required – If I deactivate the plugin the error message dissapears. Seems like the plugin needs an update?

  • bisms

    Works fine for me in Safari too

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Glad it worked for you.

  • Roy

    Trying to get a widget set up.

    If I use “wordpress” as “Facebook Page Name” it works (showing wordpress likes), when I’m using smulblog a blank box shows up :(


    Any ideas?

  • Jo

    Hi great app but am getting a blank space where the app should e for a profile. http://www.frayednott.com

    • Jo

      Any response? Or advice from others where it DID show up?

  • Elena

    Hello, just installed side widget, everything is fine but i just don’t like the dark border on the right ride of the widget… i left background as white “ffffff” … when choosing the border color the right side border on the widget just doubles… wondering how to remove it…

  • Koen

    I Installed the plugin a couple of months ago. Everything was fine but now there is no stream. Only a blank wall. site: http://www.optimale.be. What did I do wrong?

  • Elad

    Very nice plugin. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m getting a lot of 404 errors from: //www.facebook.com/plugins/likebox.php? and also some from the plugin images, e.g: plugins/facebook-members/images/ui-bg_glass_75_dadada_1x400.png

    Are there any solution to those errors you know of ? Thanks!

    • http://crunchify.com App Shah

      Hi Elad,
      Thanks for reporting your problem. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce this. Can you share your blog URL to check?

  • Julia Makin

    Hi there, I just installed the plugin after reading great reviews about it. For whatever reason the stream is blank and I have two like boxes coming up. Widget has been installed on the footer of my site. (www.vent2me.com.au). Please advise what I need to do to fix this!

    • http://crunchify.com App Shah

      Hi Julia,
      I’ve just checked your blog and plugin works just fine. Let me know if you have any more question.

  • florence22

    Works fine for me in Safari too

  • http://www.einnova.com Jordi

    I can’t see admin menu options of the plugin in wordpress 3.6.1. Can you help me?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Jordi,
      I believe, WP 3.6.1 is just a bug fix release. I’m not seeing any issue at my end. Is there anything got changed at your end other than WP 3.6.1 upgrade?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Jordi – do you still have this an issue?

  • Rolland

    Great Plugin. i do have a major issue with it though… It does not show the Like box on IE, or Safari browsers. Has anyone else mentioned this or am i doing something really wrong?

    • http://crunchify.com App Shah

      Hi Rolland,

      Do you still have this issue? I couldn’t able to recreate this issue locally.

  • Chester

    Can’t seem to get the Recommendation Bar to load my profile. FB Page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/All-The-CRG/130640253799627

    • http://crunchify.com App Shah

      Hi Chester,
      Didn’t get your query. Can you share your blog name?

  • rafae

    Hi, I need to install this plugin in several sidebars, is that possible? Thanks!

    • http://crunchify.com App Shah

      Hi Rafae,
      Currently plugin doesn’t support multi sidebar functions.

  • Slawek

    The plug in works fine form me, however, it seems to me that the pictures are visible only when facebook users are online. Is it possible to see them even though the users are off? How to change the configuration of likebox?

    • http://crunchify.comm App Shah

      Hi Slawek,
      Sorry to hear that.. but we don’t have any control on this.

  • solace girl

    Hi, there. I have used this plug in before with no problems. However, this time it cut off the right side of the widget frame. I fixed this by lowering the size of the widget in the settings. But then it pushed some of the faces down onto another line and left them not centered. Could you please tell me how to center them? (I tried to edit the plug in files, but couldn’t find the right spot.) Thanks!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi There, unfortunately we don’t have that control.

  • Laura

    Hi! I got the plugin to work on my widget area and it is great. However, I want just a simple facebook like button on my homepage. I have configured it but it is not showing up. Is there a shortcode I need to put in? I put in the shortcode you had in FAQ’s on my home page and it didnt do anything. My page is http://www.jrbyrd.com

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Laura,
      Sorry for late reply. It’s been very busy week :(. Plugin doesn’t currently support shortcode. But you can use shortcode which is mentioned in FAQ section to appear Facebook Likebox in post/page.

  • handsun

    Hi App, thank you for your response, the url is http://thewheeleragency.com/
    (unable to see anything if logged out of facebook)

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Sorry for late reply. I just checked and it seems plugin works just fine.. Thanks for visiting Crunchify.

      • Jamamirahy

        Hi App,
        I’m having the same problem as some of the others that when I’m logged into facebook it shows up where it belongs & is blank when I’m not logged into facebook. It’s not a privacy setting on facebook. Our website is http://heritagecommunitycharter.com/ Thanks for your help!

  • Jo Menhinick

    Hi, I’m new to configuring this plugin and I can not get it to show up with a ‘like ‘ bar and can’t see where to load my logo like you have on your sample images of how it should look. Take a look at http://www.jmd.eu.com please let me know what I need to do, thanks :)

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Jo Menhinick,

      I Would like to solve this for you. I need some more informations:
      – Is this your facebook profile or page URL?
      – Can you share your facebook page URL?
      – Also, send me your admin console’s diagram where you have placed page value.

  • handsun

    I checked all privacy settings on the facebook page which are all set to public, but the plugin does not show up when I am logged out of facebook. thewheeleragency dot com tks!!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      I would like to check/debug this on my end. But without site URL it’s very hard for me to debug :(

  • Ernest Robert

    Hi! great plug-in! Straight forward and good to use. One Question, I am using the Facepile in the sidebar widget, but can i switch of the little “like” pop-up that is displayed on the single post page at the bottom? Thnx!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Ernest,
      Sorry but I didn’t get your question. Can you share your blog URL?

      • Ernest Robert

        Hi App, the url is http://www.whatwomenwantrotterdam.nl It is a blog on fun things to do for women (and men). I am using the facebook face pile on the homepage but when you go to the single post, there is a like button in the right bottom corner. Can that be switched off? For some reason participants find it a reason to complain when a competitor has more likes… so if I switch it of i will prevent the discussion.


        • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

          Thanks Ernest for info. Absolutely, you can hide that Recommendation bar by leaving APP ID field blank in Option Panel. Find attached screenshot.

          Hope it help.

          • Ernest Robert

            Oh wow, that went easy! Thnx!

  • Tobias Laubscher


    I´ve tested many of the other plugins, but yours the best. The others can`t manage to override the ugly standart Border.
    But all other plugins offer two style options:
    – light
    – dark

    I want to use the dark option with your Plugin!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Good Point. Will add this option in next release. It’s in my TODO list.

  • Mohan Raj

    facebook sidebar doesnot appear on my sidebar ? please hep me out

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Mohan,
      Can you share your blog URL?

  • evan

    hey thank you for providing this plugin.
    and i want to know whether i can block recommendation bar or not.
    if i can,let me know how to block it. thank you

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Evan,

      Sure, you can do that by just keeping a Facebook AppID field empty.

  • Craig Ross

    Can you change the text colour? Can’t find it in the CSS.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Craig,

      Unfortunately we don’t that control.

  • Sylvi Trifonova

    Hello, I installed the Plugin and also followed all the steps to have it live on my new blog, but the link does not show. Do I need to set up something in my Facebook too? How many members should I have in order to Plugin to work? Currently I have only 2. Thanks a lot

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Sylvi,

      Can you please share your site URL? Is it facebook Page or Profile? There isn’t any restriction on number of users.

  • David Claxton


    I am curious why I cannot get the plugin to show up when I am not logged into facebook. It shows up fine when logged in, but for some reason I cannot get it to show when I am not logged in. Thanks!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi David,

      Might be something related to privacy? Facebook Members plugins doesn’t have any session specific setting.

      You may want to take a look at Setting page.

  • June @ QuiltQuest

    We are enjoying having the widget in our sidebar, thank you.

    Wondering though –

    1. How to center the photos? With my width the photos look like they are left justified, would be better if they could be centered.

    2. Is there an option to make it so we have the LIKE box, the photos, and then show the FB feed?


    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi June. Please find here my answers

      1. I doubt about this. I guess we don’t have this option available for customization.

      2. Yes, you can achieve this. Kindly look at attached screenshot.

      Hope this helps.

      • June @ QuiltQuest

        Boy – I’m impressed with the script and the quick response time to questions.
        I was unclear in my original note. I could see how to show the FB feed(stream) – it was the order I wanted to be able to change. This option is LIKE, stream, photos. I wanted LIKE, photos, stream.

        • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

          I guess I also miss read your original question. I also wanted the same for my another blog but Facebook is not letting us customize that. It’s not a part of their Like Box Configuration: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/

          • June @ QuiltQuest

            Okay – Thanks. I just took the stream out as it doesn’t look good in my format.

          • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

            Awesome. You have very nice blog.

  • T Bailey

    great plugin, but I am trying to add this facebook URL to it – https://www.facebook.com/joanne.hichens.3 /(only adding /joanne.hichens.3) and it will not show the FB account information.

    The plugin works with all the other facebook urls i have tried, but not this one…what is wrong with this FB URL – it works if you go to it directly…

  • Ben Gunsberger

    Hi, the plugin is terrific, but I’m getting errors that it can’t find the file ‘​/wp-content​/plugins​/facebook-members​/css​/images​/ui-bg_glass_75_dadada_1x400.png’. I didn’t do anything special in the installation. Has something gone wrong? Thanks.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Interesting. It seems that image is not a part of Facebook Member plugin. Can you try uninstalling and installing plugin again? Let me know.

      • Ben Gunsberger

        I tried that but it didn’t help. I noticed the file ‘jquery-ui.css’ calls the following images:


        etc. However in the zip, none of those images exist.

        • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

          Thanks for info. I’ll take a look at this tomorrow and will update..

  • Joe

    Hi there,
    I’ve just installed the plugin on my wordpress site but all I’m getting is a little link showing up asking if I want to switch back to another part of my Facebook account, ie. my personal page rather than the fan page I want to link. The rest of the box is blank…

    Any suggestions?


    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Joe,
      Thanks for reporting this. I’m hearing this first time. Would you be kind enough to post a screenshot here in comment?

      • Joe

        Hi App Shah thanks for your quick reply. I’m feeling a little silly right now, in the end all I had to do was click the little link box that was showing with my personal profile page picture and then it switched over to the fan page Facebook members box. All good now. Thanks.

        • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

          Good to hear Joe. Thanks for your update.

  • Carlos Quivera

    Excellent plugin, but I’m wondering something… Where should I start editing so I can translate it to Spanish? Thanks!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Thanks Carlos Quivera for offering translation. I’ll email you about the same soon.

  • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

    Hi Kurc, this usually goes away with Facebook fans.

  • Info Cash

    Generally I don’t learn article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, quite great post.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Awesome. Thanks for nice words.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Thanks for nice words.

  • http://www.reptilezone.com.au Cara

    My background is a dark colour. How can I change to font colour no the crunchify widget? I’d like all the text to be #50a9d2. (except for down the bottom where it says ‘facebook social plugin’ – it can stay as is).

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Cara,
      I doubt about font text color. I think, we can’t change it.

      • Steph In Seattle

        I also have the same issue as Cara. I need to change the unlinked words ‘you like this’ and ‘you and xxx others like this to #FFF. There must be some way in the js to change the text color if not in the CSS.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Cara, unfortunately we don’t have that control.

  • Lou

    Any updates on PHP for individual pages?
    Without this this plugin is not worth it. I am using a custom sidebar.php and I need to implement this plugin straight into the page.

    • http://crunchify.comm App Shah

      Hi Lou,
      This functionality is not there yet. It’s been super busy now but it’s my todo list.

      • Lou

        Hi App,
        I completely understand how things can get busy. This is a vital piece though, so I hope you work it out soon, as it appears it is in high demand and is really needed. Any suggestions on a fast hack?
        Thank you for all you have provided.

  • Guilherme V. Myr

    Hi Crunchify, I am adding the code () on my page and I have no faces on. It’s seted – Show faces: Yes- at the settings page but it doesn’t work I don’t know why.
    Do you know any issue related? Please take a look at winaonline.com (scroll down).


  • Vivian Gilles

    A question …
    I’d like to use it on multiple pages. After use, it is no longer in widgets. Is this normal?
    Thank you for your reply.

    sorry for my English is google translation :)

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Vivian,
      As mentioned below my reply to Len Mason, please stay tuned..

  • indian francescmacia

    I can se de Admin Panel Settings of Facebook Members, but I can see the plugin working in the frontend

  • Len Mason

    Since the widget doesn’t allow for more than one sidebar use, what is the method for hardcoding the widget into my theme? Thanks!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Len Mason,
      Currently plugin doesn’t have this functionality. I got this request so far 3-4 time.. Now this is the best time to look into this.. Will update this thread with more info. Please stay tuned.

  • Zenmama

    Hi, tnx for this great plugin. I am having some problems with it. I placed it in my sidebar. My activities in FB perfectly showing. But when I want to show the likes (the other option) all I see is a blanc space. I see some other people are having this difficulty. My site is: web.taichiweb.nl
    And can I have both? First the list of activities on FB and below that the Likes? Hope you’ll have the time to answer my comment.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Zenmama, thanks for your feedback.. Checking on this now..

  • Justin

    I really like the plugin and I am sure you’re working on it, but having the option to put in 100% as a width and having the icon grid automatically adjust would be very valuable for responsive themes.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Great suggestion Justin.. Will definitely consider this as a feature request..

  • ludovic

    Hello i do the same thinks like your exemple but, on my website i have spam publicity

  • Poli Kati

    Hi App, could you find out anything regarding my problem? Unfortunately it is still not solved.. Thanks!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Sorry for late reply Poli Kati. Last thing I would recommend to switch to default WordPress theme and check result. May be your current theme is blocking some scripts.

  • Tom

    I’m having problems with the recommendation bar. I would like to list my FB page URL, however, it appears to default to the current page. I tried to put in any other website, but it keeps defaulting to the current page. Any suggestions?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Tom,
      Ideally it should recommends based on your blog posts. We don’t have any control on how Facebook feed works but it should work seamlessly after some time. May be Facebook initially tries to index your site..

  • Tom

    I’m having the same problem with a test site, with nothing showing. Used the plugin last
    week on another site and is still working. In trial and error testing, I’ve found for me
    it will not work using a Facebook custom name, i.e. facebook.com/customname (I only enter
    info after the .com/). It works fine for the format facebook.com/pages/name/number
    (of course just entering; pages/name/number.

    Does anyone know how to find the facebook.com/pages/name/number URL format when I only
    have their facebook.com/customname?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Tom,
      Plugin works with customname too, that what I’m using. Can you share your blog URL? I’ll try to debug that…

  • http://www.babyswags.com/ Phyllis

    I have the widget set up on my site, http://www.babyswagsboutique.com and the like box on the home page works fine, it’s the share/like button on the product pages that shows an error. At the bottom right corner it shows a box that says “Invalid App” {here is a product page: http://www.babyswagsboutique.com/product/bunchees_bottle_bibs/ } Any thoughts on this error? Seems everything is correct – I have the right app id#, page name, etc… and it worked when I first installed it and now it doesn’t.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Phyllis,
      Sorry to hear that. Do you still have this issue? Let me know. I’ll try to debut that..

  • Sherif Salah

    hii, I’m having a problem with the widget. I set up the facebook likebox and placed it in my sidebar, and never work. it is a white box. Any idea what could be causing this?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi Sherif,
      Can you share your Blog URL on which you seeing blank widget? While replying below to Poli, plugin works just fine.. Would like to debug on my side…

  • Absolut Sabs

    Hi there, my facebook plugin works well on my localhost (wamp) but when i upload online nothing shows? help anybody?

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Hi there,
      Sorry but I didn’t get your question.. Can you share your Blog URL?

  • Poli Kati

    it is http://www.ddvitality.hu Thanks for checking it!

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Thanks Poli Kati.. I’ve just tried plugin on other 2 different sites and it worked very well.. Could you please try your test on default wordpress theme? Might be some conflict..

      Also, can you try it on another browser? Is there any plugin which you think blocking facebook from loading??

      • Poli Kati

        Hi App, for me the fb link works fine, not redirecting to fb home… what I do not understand is that I use your pluging on all my sites also with the same theme and works fine. and it did work fine on this page as well sofar.. I tried with 3 different browsers already.

    • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

      Interesting.. I’ve just tried this URL in my browser.. http://www.facebook.com/ddvitalityeletmodwellnessfitness/

      and it’s redirecting to https://www.facebook.com/home.php

      Make sure you have all correct settings selected for your FB page…

  • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

    Hi Kurc,
    This issue may get resolve automatically once you have more followers on FB page… As my plugin uses official Facebook APIs we don’t have any control on feed… :)

  • http://crunchify.com/ App Shah

    Hi James.. do you still have this issue? I’m hearing this 2nd time.. Poli just reported the same as you can see it in my previous comment above..

    Can you share your blog URL too..

    • James

      Hello again,

      I managed to identify the problem based on the advice you gave to Poli. If the facebook members page is unpublished, the widget will only display a white box. Makes perfect sense in retrospect. Love the app, and thank you for taking your time to troubleshoot!

      • Poli Kati

        Hello James, how could you solve the problem? What do you mean by facebook members page is unpublised? Thanks