SmartGit Setup Guide: My Favorite Client for Git and Mercurial

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Smartgit and Bitbucket Setup

How to Setup SmartGit for your BitBucket / GitHub Repository?

Let me 1st explain why I choose SmartGit for my ButBucket Git Repository

SmartGit/Hg's main user interface is similar to those of typical file managers in that it has a directory tree on the left and a file table on the right which shows recursively all files of your repository and working tree. Moreoever, SmartGit/Hg makes extensive use of file-manager concepts such as dialogs, wizards and drag & drop, through which all common versioning tasks (committing, branching, etc.) as well as higher-level operations not directly provided by Git/Mercurial can be performed.

The history of an opened repository is displayed in a separate window, the so-called Log window, and many Git/Mercurial commands can be performed both on the main window and the Log window, such as switching between branches, merging branches, creating branches and tags, etc.

SmartGit/Hg comes bundled with numerous features that are frequently needed in conjunction with version control. Thus, unlike command-line based tool chains, the program can be used ‘out of the box’ without requiring the user to install and set up additional tools. These bundled features include:

  • A file diff viewer that shows two text files side by side, highlights the differences between them and allows editing the files.
  • A so-called ‘conflict solver’, which is basically a 3-way merge. It is used for resolving merge conflicts.
  • A built-in SSH client (optionally, external SSH client can also be used).

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Steps to Setup SmartGit for your BitBucket Git Repository:


Download SmartGit.


Install using Windows / Mac OS X installer. In case of Mac OSX installer, copy smartgit to your Application folder.


Open SmartGitHg from Application folder.

SmartGitHG Shortcut - Crunchify


Now clone your BitBucket Repository. (I’m using MAC OS hence you will find MAC commands)

Project -> Clone -> Remote Git / SVN repository

Smartgit - Clone Repository


Click Continue -> Select Git -> Provide Username/Password ->  Select Checkboxes

Smartgit - Clone Repository Setting


Select Local Repository

Local Repository Setting - Smartgit


Click Continue and you are all set.

PS: Provide your Bitbucket Username /Password when ever required..

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