Why Most Meetings are Wasteful: Causes For Wasteful Meeting

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In theory, meetings are a wonderful tool. You get together with your colleagues, spitball ideas, pin down agendas, and have some quality face-to-face interactions. They’re as much an opportunity to get work done as to team build. But sometimes your meetings become wasteful. There are quite a few reasons behind that and there are few mentioned here.

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  1. No clear agenda and no priority.
  2. No adequate time given to members
  3. Weak chair person
    1. Lack of direction
    2. Poor co-ordination
    3. Inability to arrive at conclusion
    4. No action plan
    5. Lack of authenticity
    6. Lack of control over meeting
  4. Irrelevant topic – discussion
  5. Time constraint (less or two more time)
  6. Members should come with full preparation on the subject.
  7. Inter personal relation (clashes)
  8. Poor attendance of members
  9. Frequency of meeting (high or very low)
  10. Lack of subject knowledge
  11. There are interference from outside
  12. Fear of presentation by participants (Members)

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