How Can I Find Meta Tags Values Required In All In One Webmaster

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All in One Webmaster WordPress Plugin:

If you are a webmaster you probably heard of Google Webmaster Tool.

Both Yahoo and Bing have their own versions called Yahoo SiteExplorer and Bing Webmaster Central. With them you can check how your site is indexed (Webmaster Tool), get detailed statistics (Analytics Tool), earn money (Google AdSense) and more.

I would like to go on brief tutorial on how to find meta-tags require in plugin All in One Webmaster. First of all understand why we need that?

Premium Version.

Why do you need Meta-Tag?

Because privacy is important to Webmaster tools, Webmaster companies (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc..) need to know you own a site before they will show you certain information about it or enable you to use their tools. Verification doesn’t affect PageRank or affect your site’s performance in their search results.

To verify that you own a site, you need to add a meta tag to your home page/blog (proving that you have access to the source files).

Companies Webmaster Tools will check to see that the meta-tag is present. If it is, they consider you a site owner and will show you site analytics/details.

This plugin will insert all verification meta tags to your blog (on all pages) automatically. So, you don’t need to edit header.php or footer.php (theme specific file) each time manually. You just have to provide identification codes.

Major Advantage:

If you change your theme then you don’t need to repeat all steps again. These verification META-TAGS will always be there in your blog. It will keep you relax..  🙂  Lets discuss how to get meta-tags for two most popular webmaster tool.

1) Google Webmaster Meta-tag

Add your site to Google Webmaster

  • Get Meta-Tag and provide it in All in One Webmaster tool.
Google Verification Meta Tag - All in One Webmaster

2) Get Bing Webmaster Meta-tag

By this way you will find meta tags for all remaining services. I hope this will help you to find meta tags.

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