Eclipse Cocoa: Version 4.9.0 Released – Hands on

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Latest Eclipse 2018-12 R Download

Hurray – Eclipse Cocoa released recently – the big major Eclipse release.

There are quite a few under the hood changes happened on Eclipse Cocoa project.

Major changes into Eclipse Cocoa Project:

  • Brand new hierarchical view of nested projects
  • Improved Maven archetypes integration and enhanced auto-completion in the pom editor
  • Ability to customize perspectives and speed improvements for text search
  • Best new tools for building and maintaining Docker containers
  • New ability to record and share user preference settings across individual workspaces
  • Improved Maven support, including support for Maven 3.3.3
  • Nice and Automated way for error reporting

How to update Workspace from Eclipse Cocoa (Previous release) to Cocoa?


Eclipse latest IDE for Java EE Developers:

I’m using Macbook Pro so my downloaded package: eclipse-jee-2018-12-R-macosx-cocoa-x86_64


Extract above .tar.gz file and you will see just file.


During startup just provide your previous Eclipse’s workspace and click ok and you should be all good.

Eclipse Workspace - Luna to Mars

So far all my ~20 projects imported successfully to Eclipse Cocoa without any issue. Compilation worked just fine.

Only thing which I had to do is to just install Apache Tomcat again on Eclipse Cocoa. If you face any issue while installing Tomcat then follow the tutorial.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse Cocoa: Version 4.9.0 Released – Hands on”

  1. Nice review, but i’m curious.

    If you used your old workspace your tomcat server adapter should still be there when using Mars ?

    • Agree. I was expecting the same but somehow for me on Mac OS X that didn’t work. So I’ve to add Server under under “server panel”. Keep visiting and Happy coding.


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