How to add Sign Up with Facebook (OAuth) Option to Forum – Detailed Verified Steps

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Add Facebook Sign Up Button to your Discourse Forum

It’s been awesome last few weeks and we have got awesome response on Crunchify Forum powered by Discourse. With over 1 billions users on Facebook it’s really handy and beneficial for Forum admin to add Facebook login button. With single click any Facebook user can signup for forum.

Here are the simple steps on how to get started setting up Facebook Sign Up button. Configuring Facebook login for Discourse.


Create Facebook App ID for Forum


  • You should see list of Product on next screen.
  • From Product Page select Facebook Login and click Set Up.
Create Facebook Login Product - create Sign Up Application

Next you will see a question asking for: Use the Quickstart to add Facebook Login to your app. To get started, select the platform for this app.

Select the platform for Facebook Login Page


  • Go to Facebook Login
    • Click on Settings tab
  • Select below settings for Client OAuth Settings.
    • Provide Valid OAuth redirect URIs:
    • Select YES for Login from devices
    • Select YES for Client OAuth Login
    • Select YES for Web OAuth Login
Facebook Login Application Web Platform - Client OAuth Settings


  • Go to Settings and click on Basic
  • Provide Privacy and TOS URLs
  • Set Status to LIVE
  • Click on Save Changes
Make Facebook Application Status to LIVE


  • Go to Admin Panel and Click on Login Tab
  • Provide Facebook App ID and App Secret
Provide Facebook ID and Secret to your Forum - Crunchify Tips

And you should be all set.

Just refresh your forum and click on Sign up to see Sign Up with Facebook button.

New Sign Up with Facebook Button

Let me know if you face any issue setting this up.

Note: In 2023, we have decided to close our forum. All the tutorials regarding discourse forum setup are still valid. Let us know if you have any questions around the same.

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