How to create New simple Maven Project in Eclipse without archtype – Detailed steps included

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Maven and Java is a best combination you could get for your production project in present time. I don’t see any other combination which best works.

Why Maven? What are the advantages using Maven with Java / Dynamic Web Project?

  1. Maven project contains only one pom.xml file. All the members in team uses the same and only one pom.xml version. This will solve an issue with dependencies. Everybody gets the same dependencies, hence – no more compilation or other error.
  2. No more complicated build.xml file for your Java Production Project.
  3. No need to ship all dependent .jar files with your project. Required .jar files will be downloaded at user side from central location.
  4. Lots of available and widely used Maven Plugins for number of different usecases. We already shared on Crunchify some time back. Take a look:
  5. Easily specify environment specific profiles with different property values, i.e. Dev, Prod, QA, etc.

Sometime back I’ve created a tutorial to Convert Dynamic Web project to Maven project in Eclipse but in this tutorial we will go over How to create simple Maven project in Eclipse from scratch.

Let’s get started:


  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Click on File -> New -> Maven Project

Eclipse Create New Maven Project - Crunchify


Click on Checkbox for both

  • Create a simple project
  • Use default Workspace loacation

Create a Simple Maven Project in Eclipse


Provide GroupId and ArtifactId in next screen.

  • GroupId: com.crunchify.tutorials
  • Artifact Id: CrunchifySpringMVCFramework
  • Name: CrunchifySpringMVC
  • Description: As per your need

Project GroupID and Artifact ID for Maven Project - Crunchify


And you are all set. You should see new Project in Eclipse with below structure.

Create Simple Maven Project in Eclipse Crunchify-


Open pom.xml file. Checkout all properties and get familiar with those. It’s good practice to understand if you want to become pro in Maven technology.

What next?

Try building few Spring MVC tutorials by yourself and let me know if you see any issue.

Want to create Dynamic Web Project instead of simple project?

Instead of Simple Maven project – try following tutorial to create Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse using Maven with maven-archtype-webapp.

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