How to use WP-Bitly WordPress URL Shortening Plugin?

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I’ve tried so many URL shortening WordPress Plugins on Crunchify and finally I stayed with WP-Bitly plugin. There are numerous factors you should consider while using any new plugin and one of that should be Plugin performance.

Follow this detailed tutorial if you want to Configure URL Shortener Service on your blog.

We have short domain.

In this tutorial we will go over why I’m using WP-Bitly plugin for better site performance.

Let me start by mentioning – what all places I use Short URL?

1. Blog Header Shortlink for Crunchify LLC - Get your short URL

2. Post Bottom section URL Shortlink on each Crunchify Post

Follow this tutorial on how to show Custom Link on each post, if you want to show Short URL on your blog too.

3. WordPress Post Edit Admin Panel

Get Post Shortlink in WordPress Admin Panel - Edit Post Section

4. Social Sharing Options

Mouse Hover to Social Sharing Points to Shortlink
Mouse Hover to Social Sharing Points to Shortlink

Setting up WP Bitly is very simple.

Just go to Settings -> Writing and WP Bitly Setting options. Provide your OAuth Token and you are all set.

WPBitly Provide Bitly Auth Token - Crunchify Tips

Now as you see above, except point 3, I need short URL total 6 times per page/post load.

It is absolutely not advisable to make 6 service calls each time page/post load. After some investigation and analysis, I found that WP Bitly plugin stores shortURL data in wp_postmeta table. Plugin makes just one API call to get Short URL and then it always gets the value from table 🙂

How to verify?

  • Go to cPanel
  • Go to myPhpAdmin
  • Select your database
  • Select table wp_postmeta
  • Go to Search Tab
  • Enter values like below
  • Click Go
wp_postmeta - Bitly options for each page and post
See all generated Shortlink URLs in WP Postmeta table

I highly recommend using WP Bitly WordPress plugin for better performance if you have URL shortening service enabled on your blog. Enjoy and Happy Blogging.

Why We Use WP-Bitly?

Now you know the reason we use WP-Bitly on Crunchify 🙂 With this plugin you could Set Up Personalized Shortened Links with on WordPress platform.

Now What? Configure and customize it on your own site with this CSS tricks:

Update: WP Bitly WordPress plugin took over by official bitly folks.

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  1. Hi,
    As you know WP Bitly no longer maintained so we created a plugin which works same.
    Check out the plugin Codehaveli Bitly URL Shortener.

    • Thanks for providing an alternative. We will check out plugin in some time.

      What kind of testing have you performed? Would love to hear about caching optimization in plugin.


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