Some issues with Bluehost and CloudFlare integration

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Cloudflare and Bluehost Setup Issue

After detailed discussion with Bluehost Support team, it seems I can’t enable Cloud-flare from Bluehost admin panel. Before I’ll say something let me provide some information on Cloudflare and it’s partnership with Bluehost.


CloudFlare routes your site’s traffic through an intelligent global network of advanced servers. When activated, CloudFlare automatically optimizes the delivery of your website’s pages so visitors experience the fastest load times possible.

While doing so, it also blocks threats and limits abusive bots and crawlers from eating up your bandwidth and server resources. This helps CloudFlare-powered websites experience not only a significant boost in performance, but a dramatic decrease in spam and other attacks as well.

Bluehost has built CloudFlare controls directly into cPanel. It literally takes 2 clicks to enable the service on any of domains or subdomains. There are no hardware, software or code changes for to worry about. They will even take care of the DNS changes and setup account automatically.

Here is my scenario:

When I first enabled CloudFlare via admin panel suddenly my site became unavailable. Then I tried accessing and it worked. I immediately found that this is definitely something related to DNS A record entries and this is what I found in my CPanel.
After that I called Bluehost Technical Support team and after 5-10 min talk they changed my DB entries for “WordPress Address URL” and “Site Address URL” without my notice to “” from “”.
Change WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL - Crunchify Tips
www. – Which I didn’t want my blog URL. So after my request they reverted back this changes. After 4-5 hrs I called them again to fix this and they finally informed me about this as a limitation.

CloudFlare or Bluehost team, is this something can you please fix?

I love both of your services and want this integration to work seamlessly. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone else have the same issue? Reply to me in comment section.


18 thoughts on “Some issues with Bluehost and CloudFlare integration”

  1. Without plugin you can check why ur site not workin ssl on this website – https:// after check that u found css family error in ur wp theme Insecure URL: http://,400,400italic,700
    Found in: https://
    Insecure URL: http://

    After that go to your theme editor and click on stylesheet(style.css) find the Insecure URL url and replace http to https after that your website worked.

  2. You need the www if you activate Cloudflare from your hosting account, if you prefer not to use www, then you need to add your domain directly to Cloudflare.
    https: //support.cloudflare. com/hc/en-us/articles/200169886-Can-I-use-a-naked-domain-no-www-with-CloudFlare-

  3. I am having same issue. Though I run sansarlochan and testcurrentaffairs….both are showing inactive there. Do not why. When I ask bluehost, they say contact cloudflare, not me.

  4. If your wedbsite is loading as and you want it to load as , all you need to do is add a 301 redirect to the non-www url using the code below which should be inserted into your .htaccess file:

    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

    Please change the domain above to your own.

    This is what bluehost meant when they said :

    @Crunchify If you are okay using the www, you can make a redirect from the non-www version to
    add www to make sure that nobody gets lost.

    They were refering to a 301 redirect from www to non www 🙂

  5. Hey, how did you get this to work properly? As I can see now you have a non www domain and also the images are being served from the cloudflare. I am trying to do this with my blog too, but am failing miserably.

  6. Interesting and correct observation. After reading this I also tried and it failed for me. Cloudflare should have given this customization option to Bluehost.


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