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Movable Type and TypePad Top Plugins

In this tutorial we will go over list of top 13 Movable Type and TypePad Blogging platform plugins. It’s not very popular platform but if you are still using Movable Type as your blogging platform then please go ahead.

I mainly post on WordPress Hacks, Tips and Tricks. I hope this will provide you useful information about top 13 plugins.

1) Website & Blog Organizer

Link: https://plugins.movabletype.org/website-blog-organizer/

One of the best Plugin to recognize site structure and hierarchy. Not sure if you are aware but on Movable Types there are functionality that you can install multiple blogs on same single installation.

Also, your blogs may be on different domains. This plugin helps you get things organized.

Once installation done:

2) Pagination

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/pagination/

Pagination is plugin that enables you to paginate lists of entries. For example, at the bottom of your home page, you could add a “Next” link so your readers can go to Page 2 and read previous entries. You can display a list of linked page numbers to enable visitors to jump to any page number they want.

With Pagination Pro, you can also paginate your Category, Author, and date-based archives, and even paginate your Entry archives, displaying only a small number of comments on each page.

3) Cache Block

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/cache-block/

Cache Block is a plugin that can dramatically speed up publishing by caching blocks of built template code. Cache Block is very flexible, enabling you to cache an entire page, a small template snippet, a template module, a sidebar widget, and entire sidebar, etc.

Each block can be set to expire after a certain duration — some blocks you may want to cache for 5 minutes, others for hours, or even days. When used wisely, the result is significantly faster publishing times and faster comment-posting.

4) NotifyWho

Link: https://plugins.movabletype.org/notifywho/

NotifyWho plugin enables you to control exactly who should receive entry, post, comment and TrackBack notifications for each and every blog.

After installation go to:

  • Tools
  • Plugins
  • NotifyWho
  • Settings

5) Publish Queue Manager

Link: https://plugins.movabletype.org/publish-queue-manager/

Movable types comes with default Publish Queue.  System doesn’t provide you an ability to change priority and delete queue tasks.

With Publish Queue Manager you could change priority and delete your site’s queue’s tasks.

6) Comment Subscribe

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/comment-subscribe/

Comment Subscribe is a plugin for Movable Type which provides similar functionality to the ‘Notify me of follow up comments via e-mail’ feature on WordPress. If a user checks a box when posting a comment, they will receive emails every time someone else posts a comment on the same entry. Each email will include a link which the user can use to unsubscribe.

7) Media Manager

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/media-manager/

This plugin allows you to manage a list of books, CDs, DVDs, or other media in a list, search Amazon for new items to add to your reading list, and publish the list on your blog.

8 ) CustomFields

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/customfields/

CustomFields, the aptly named plugin, brings custom fields to Movable Type’s entries, authors and categories offering the ability to create text fields, multi-line textareas, drop down menus, radio buttons, url and date/time fields (complete with a pop up calendar).

These fields, as demonstrated by the screenshots below, are easily accessible as they’re displayed inline (directly on the respective editing screens). When CustomFields are enabled on the editing screens, all fields displayed on the screen are completely sortable – through a simple drag and drop interface, you can reorder your entry, author and category screens.

9) Simply Threaded

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/simply-threaded/

Comments posted to a Movable Type weblog are displayed in a flat-form (i.e. one after another). As a result, tracking multiple conversations can quickly become extremely difficult to and commenters often have to resort to crude means of replying to others. Simply Threaded brings a new type of comment threading to Movable Type.

Inspired by Six Apart’s Vox service, Simply Threaded allows you to add a Reply link to every comment and allows commenters to directly reply to other comments. As the name suggests, Simply Threaded provides a fairly simple but effective comment threading implementation.

10) Hot Date

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/hot-date/

Do you schedule entries, or otherwise modify the Entry Date field? Do you sometimes forget a leading zero, for example, to create a valid, two-digit hour field? Hot Date is just what you need: drop-down time selectors in 12-hour format along with a few other features that make setting the date a breeze!

  • Schedule according to the 12-hour clock with am/pm selectors you’re familiar with, rather than 24-hour time.
  • Disable the “seconds” display because, really, does it matter what second you publish at? (A selectable option.)
  • Work with an abbreviated minute list in five-minute increments. (A selectable option.)
  • Refresh the time to be current with the green arrows button.

11) Template Shelf

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/template-shelf/

Template Shelf is a new plugin for Movable Type 7.0 that adds a sidebar widget to the template editing screen that allows you to quickly browse templates in your blog. It’s a great time-saver as it removes a lot of the back-and-forth previously involved when editing your templates.

One of the best features that Template Shelf provides is the ability to edit templates in the new dialog boxes. This is a great way to make quick changes to templates without having to open them up separately!

12) My Blogs

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/my-blogs/

Movable Type 4.0 introduces a whole new dashboard with the focal point being tracking the activity across your blogs. For my personal MT install, however, this isn’t terribly useful (being the only author, I know my – albeit dismal – entry posting frequency, and I receive email notifications for all comments).

13) Bookmarks

Link: http://plugins.movabletype.org/bookmarks/

This plugins adds a Bookmarks menu to Movable Type 4.0’s menuing system. In this menu you can place links to all of your favorite and most frequently accessed pages within the application.

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