What is Notion? Beginner’s guide to get started with Notion App

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Notion App - best productivity tool - Crunchify's Guide

I am sure you guys are using so many productivity app daily and over last years, specially in this COVID-19 pandemic. Personally I used so far Google Calendar, Apple Notes, Reminder apps, Google workspace, Google Keep and sometimes Google Tasks.

Have you ever used Evernote?

Evernote is one of the best note taking app with the tasks, with the notes and reminders all in one. Even though it is one of the best I hardly use it due to slowness and little complex Dashboard view.

In recent days there are so many folks are talking about the Notion App and I started wondering about what is this Notion App? Let’s play with it and understand what all what we could do with Notion App.

What is Notion?

Well, Notion is all-in-one productivity tool, project management tool to maintain your life productively. It has many productivity tools i.e. Tasks, Notes, Notebooks, Reminders and so on.

It also has Tables, Databases, Different ways of view tables and so on. It helps small and big organization coordinate deadlines, objectives, and assignments.

Let’s get started:


  • Go to: https://www.notion.so
  • Click on button Try Notion Free.


  • Signup with your email address or Google or Apple ID.
  • You will receive signup code in email to confirm your identity.


  • Make sure you have correct settings as per below.

Notion: Settings Tab.

  • Please go ahead and reserve your Domain. It’s your public Notion URL.
  • Enter your Name.
  • Click on Update button.
Notion - Settings Tabs

Notion: Members Tab

  • Go to Settings and Members Tab.
  • Click on Members.
  • Verify that all info is good.
Notion - Members Tabs

Notion: My Account Tab

  • Enter your preferred name.
  • Make sure to upload your photo.
  • Click on Update button.
Notion - My Account tab details

How to upgrade Notion?

  • You have 3 options to upgrade from Personal.
  • Plans:
    • Personal Pro: $4/month
    • Team: $8/month
    • Enterprise: $20 per member per month
Notion - list of all upgrade options

And you are all set.

How to get started with Notion?

  • Download Notion App on Macbook or Windows.
  • Click on Add a Page from sidebar.
  • You have an option to continue with empty page or import template.
  • There are more than 50+ templates available for you to get started.

Sample video that shows Notion Database and Notes features

We will publish more Notion articles in coming days.

Please stay tuned.

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